Are You Good at Social Media?

Here is a question that all small business owners should be asking themselves. “Am I good at social media?” Many of us think that we are. I mean, we post family videos, pictures of our children and we chronicle every holiday that we take. We feel pretty confident in our social media abilities and that has given many business owners a false sense of prowess when it comes to posting online for their business.


Using social media for business and using it for your personal life are two very different ideas. What we can post to our friends and family, isn’t exactly what we should be sharing with our customers or clients. When it comes to the art of using social media for your small business, there are some guidelines that you must follow.


Never post anything that is overly political, controversial or that could put a potential customer off. These are definite ways to lose a sale and your customers. Customers don’t want to read about your opinion, they want to hear about your products or services and what your business can do for them. Whether you sell clothing and apparel, or you offer business accounting and management services. Your potential customers don’t want to hear about your latest holiday or how many drinks you consumed last weekend. Remember to keep personal information out of your business social media pages and never let your opinions or beliefs affect your business negatively.


Is this to say that you should not have an opinion or you should not have a life outside of your business? Of course not. It just means that you need to keep your personal life and your business life separate when it comes to social media. If you have some tasteful behind the scenes pictures, videos or stories about your business, don’t hesitate to share them. But be sure they are not offensive and that your staff knows what they should and should not post on the company social media page.


How does a small business owner manage their business and their social media accounts? And how does that same small business owner know what they should and shouldn’t post online? They could go the trial and error route and make a few mistakes along the way, or they could contact a social media management firm and let the professionals handle their social media accounts and post the information that will get their business noticed and that will attract more potential customers.


If you are having a difficult time managing your small businesses social media accounts, contact Social Buzzing and let our team of professionals show what we can do for you today.

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