Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimisation

If you haven’t already heard, soon, Facebook will be transitioning small business advertisers to their new campaign budget optimization (CBO) platform. Originally slated for a September launch, Facebook now says that change will take place in February instead. Just what is campaign budget optimization and why is it important to your small business?


What Is Campaign Budget Optimization?


Campaign budget optimization (CBO) is a social media advertising platform which automates budget optimisation across the ad sets within a specific campaign. Facebook is enabling advertisers to test their new CBO until February when they officially launch it. With campaign budget optimization, users can set their budgets at a campaign level, similar to the way search campaigns are set up now. Once an advertising budget is set, Facebook will then, in real-time, ‘optimise’ the campaign by focusing your budget to the ad-set that is performing better than any of the others within your campaign.


Hire A Professional Digital Marketing Team


If you want to learn how to make your digital marketing campaigns more effective using Facebook’s new campaign budget optimization (CBO) platform, let the experts at Social Buzzing help. With many positive Social Buzzing reviews on a wide range of platforms, Social Buzzing knows a thing or two about increasing the amount of seasonal customers a business receives.


What Can You Expect With CBO?


Users are already seeing results and state that 40% of the time, the CBO ad campaigns come out ahead without any changes to the original campaign. But if the advertiser uses a professional digital marketing service, they can expect much more successful results with the easier to use layout. The more the CBO platform is used, the better, and more intuitive, Facebook’s algorithm will get and the better optimised the ad campaigns will be.


Start Testing Now


To take full advantage of Facebook’s new campaign budget optimization (CBO) platform, advertisers should start testing now. When the CBO platform launches in February, you don’t want to still be playing around with your ad campaigns to see what does, and what doesn’t, work.


Experts recommend implementing minimums and maximums on your ad-sets as a way to control your budgets. Just don’t try to hold the platform back too much or it could result in fewer improvements and flat results. Give the platform time to learn and collect your data if you want to achieve the best results possible.


Contact Social Buzzing


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