Instagram Cracking Down On Apps Selling Likes and Followers

A growing trend in the social media industry is the importance of influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is becoming a much more prominent part of digital marketing with Instagram being the number one social media platform for influencer marketing money.


Now, with that being said, there is another side to influencer marketing that nobody really likes to talk about. As digital marketers, we look to Instagram influencers as a way of boosting our brand appeal and reaching more potential customers. We often choose influencers by how many likes and followers they have as that is typically how many people we can reach. But when those likes and followers turn out to be fake, we feel cheated and have little recourse to get our money back from the influencers themselves. This is causing many small to medium and enterprise level business owners to cry foul and complain to Instagram in hopes of a solution.


Instagram Is Cracking Down


And that solution has finally come in the way of Instagram cracking down on influencer pages that include likes and followers gained through third party apps. Last year, Instagram began removing purchased likes and followers and now they are focusing on the like farms and followers farms to make their efforts that much more effective. One message, sent by Instagram to the site’s users reads:


“You may have shared your username and password with an app offering likes or followers. Using these apps goes against our terms of service, and continuing to do so may result in your account being further impacted. Change your password to stop these apps accessing your account.”


For Instagram to stop third party apps from selling Instagram likes and followers will be a challenge, but with the backing of parent company, Facebook, some of the farms are being taken to court with Instagram being successful at shutting them down. But for every like farm and followers farm that Instagram shuts down, there will be many more to take its place as selling likes and followers to Instagram influencers is a very profitable business that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.


How To Find Real Influencers With Real Likes And Followers


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