Social Media Burnout and How to Avoid It

Social media burnout is a very common occurrence in our industry. For many small businesses, managing their social media campaign can be hard work and they never get a chance to distance themselves from it as they are always directing their focus on getting their social media campaigns just right.


Some tips to help you avoid social media burnout can make you take a step back and reevaluate your campaign or just give you a much needed break from the posting, sharing and liking that takes place.


First, don’t try to be everywhere at once. Many small business owners tend to try to be on every social media channel available to them rather than focusing on the channels that will give them the biggest bang for their buck. The key to maximizing social media efforts is to determine which channels include your target audience and create an active, engaging presence on those channels.


Second, work smart. Yes, you do need to monitor and engage with social media to me the most effective at it, but you also need to manage your time wisely. Rather than spending all day on your social media campaign, dedicate a set amount of time to it and be sure not to go over that on a daily basis.


Next, plan ahead. We all know that strong content is the key to getting potential customers’ attention, but did you know that planning your content is just as important? Planning when your content will be visible on your page can be done using an editorial calendar and sticking to a schedule when you will deliver content to your social media pages. With this method, there are no last minute posts that seem rushed and don’t make much sense, and you get to relax a bit knowing that the content you need is ready when you are.


Another tip is to play to your strengths. While targeting your audience is important, it’s equally important to focus on the channels that are a natural fit for your talents. If you’re a strong writer, perhaps a blog would be well-suited for you. Are you great with one-liners? If so, then Twitter and its 140-character limit may be right up your alley.


Finally, unplug when you can. Take the time to step away and disconnect; you will feel more refreshed and ready for anything when you come back. Whether it’s for a day or just a couple of hours, unplugging can make a world of difference in your work day.


We don’t suggest you try all of these at once as it would make more work for you than what we are trying to replace. Choose a couple of them and try them out, see what kind of difference they can make for you. Soon, you will find that you aren’t so burnt out over your social media and the break will give you a new perspective on your campaigns.



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