Promoting Your Events on Social Media

Marketers continue to see great results with social media for building brand awareness, driving conversions and building relationships with prospects and customers. There isn’t a single industry that even comes close to seeing the effectiveness of social media that event marketers are seeing.

When you use social media for building event awareness, friends sharing the event with other friends can drive incredible traffic. And when people are at the event, they share their experiences with others who had second thoughts about not going, and it continues to build awareness.

Facebook generates 4 million “likes” every minute and Twitter boasts around 500 million tweets every single day. These recent statistics alone show just how powerful these platforms are on a daily basis, and it also creates the chance to create meaningful social relationships with other event professionals, organisers, speakers and potential attendees. No event professional should ignore these platforms, as the power they hold is priceless for creating and marketing successful events.

Promoting Events on Facebook – To promote your event effectively on Facebook, create an event page, utilize Facebook Ads to target interested regional attendees, run a competition, follow-up personally and involve your network. It is also important to share the event and reshare your attendees’ updates during the event.

Promoting Events on Twitter – Promoting an event on Twitter is different and more time consuming. When promoting an event on Twitter, first create a unique, simple event hashtag and communicate it through all your collateral, ask speakers to co-host Twitter Chats, discover and retweet active conversations during the event, create Twitter lists of sponsors, speakers and attendees and build relationships throughout.

Promoting Events on LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a very effective platform for promoting your event. First, publish a content post about the event, then provide regular updates leading up to the event. Use Direct Messaging to promote the event to your network and create a showcase page. Finally, create an Event Group for ongoing networking and conversation.

Promoting Events on Pinterest – Pinterest makes it easy for businesses to promote their events. Just create an event guide, promote your sponsors and add your boards to your website. Create topic and mood boards for the event and be sure to interact with your event followers throughout.

Promoting Events on Instagram – Promoting events on Instagram? Yes! Be sure to use your event hashtag on every update and share photos and videos of past events to promote the current event. You could even host a photo competition that you can integrate and share throughout your other social accounts or use Instagram to promote your sponsors and speakers.

     These are just some of the ways you could use social to promote your event and build a more effective awareness of the event, your company and your brand.

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