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Social Buzzing is the future of social media management. We are always at the cutting edge of new techniques that can help our clients become more successful and grow their businesses online. As the leader in social media management strategies, we are continuously looking for new talent and we may have a spot on our team for you.   Are you looking for a career where you can make a real difference in the lives of a business owner? Can you manage a multinational social media campaign, meet ridiculous deadlines and still get the boss tea and biscuits before 2? Can you provide businesses the social media management they need and can depend on? If so, you might be right for the Social Buzzing team.   Our motley crew of social media management experts are always looking for new talent like you and if you meet our strict standards, you might become one of the elite who call themselves Social Buzzing staff members (it really is a good compliment, we promise).   See below for a current list of available jobs at Social Buzzing. The ideal candidate for these positions will have a desire to showcase their talents in an environment that is conducive to their advancement in the industry and that will enable them to reach new heights in their careers.

Digitals Communications Assistant

The ability to utilise content management systems to maintain and update Social Buzzing’s website along with our portfolio of clients.   Aid in facilitating the launch and future success of our new website   Use a wide array of analytical tools to monitor Social Buzzing’s digital communications performance   Maintain and enhance our social media presence

SEO Content Executive

You will have the opportunity to work side by side with an award winning editorial team   Research and development of new, performance optimising techniques   Oversee team support methods including content and copywriting, figures analysis and offer proprietary advice and suggestions designed to streamline business operations   Be aware of specific online publishing measures and ensure staff members adhere to those rules and regulations   Dedicate your day to observing international news, current events and trends (watching TV and surfing the net)

Social Media Coordinator

Content scheduling and the overseeing of content on clients’ social media channels   Monitoring and review all social channels for instant optimisation of client channels   Proof reading and enhancing content to ensure it is up to Social Buzzing standards   Limited graphic design assignments on an As Needed basis   Field customer queries and coordinate with Customer Care department and concerns that need immediate address

Digital Content & Social Media Manager

Requires a Marketing/Communications degree   Experience in the use of Content Management Systems and web usability best practice methods   Widespread knowledge of today’s web technologies including social media channels, Search Engine Optimisation, all-platform mobile and app trends   Past working experience in the set-up and maintenance of various social media accounts across ALL platforms   Proven digital and social media management experience   Versed in HTML coding methods

Want Your Career To Evolve?

Our clients are our main focus and we strive to give them impeccable service and positive social media management strategies that they can rely on. To better serve their needs, we are expanding and we need new talent to add to the ranks of the Social Buzzing elite. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of our team, it only takes a call 01244 421 100 / 0207 859 4100  or E-mail to get started and become one of us. Contact us today and see why we are the people in the window having all of the fun.


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