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Our customers really love what we do for them and their online presence. Some of them call us and tell us while others shout it from the highest building in Cheshire, the Fiddlers Ferry Power Station (okay, it’s not that tall, but it is the tallest we’ve got!). We prefer you stay firmly planted on the ground and just send us a message if that’s okay with you.


Here’s what some of our many satisfied customers say about our Cheshire social media management services:

I can confirm that I have now been working with Vanessa and her team on both my personal and on client social media accounts for over 3 years and have been impressed with their consistent levels of service, responsibility to do what needs to be done, proactiveness and willingness to listen and collaborate to achieve the best results. I regularly recommend their services to others and have no hesitation in sharing my experiences to help you make the right decision for you and your company. Good luck with everything and happy holidays!

- Phil Jones

Social Buzzing has been instrumental in the overall success of our corporate and sporting events service sectors of our business. They took our dated website and gave us a much needed makeover. With their SEO strategies and rich content, we have seen tremendous growth in our business and a marked improvement in the success of our social media campaigns. Social Buzzing is passionate about what they do and they work hard to ensure that every client is completely satisfied. From a cost standpoint, we could not ask for a better team of professionals to work with. With Social Buzzing, the proof is in the product!


Our company hired Social Buzzing to help us to integrate social media into our overall sales and marketing strategy. They provided us with marketing experts that were able to utilize the latest social media web technologies and create an online promotion that helped us increase our customer base and our brand awareness. I like that Social Buzzing is very casual yet also very focused on providing us with solutions that were both effective and affordable. We can highly recommend Social Buzzing for their no-nonsense approach to social media strategy that made a noticeable difference for our company.


As a busy business owner going in many directions at the same time, it has been amazing working with Social Buzzing! They have been an incredible time saver and their social media building skills have done wonders for our business and our cause. Social Buzzing is innovative, creative and they have the experience to get the job done; they have made us look very good across all of our social networks. Social Buzzing has brought us many new followers, friends and professional contacts; they know about all of the changes that Facebook has made and they keep me up to date whenever anything changes and needs my attention. I recommend Social Buzzing to any company that has social networks and not enough time to manage them in the way they need to be.


I own an online retail store offering name brand consumer electronics. This is a very big niche market with a lot of competition and I really didn’t know where to start when trying to optimise my website and present myself to the social media world. Within just a couple of weeks, Social Buzzing had enhanced my online presence and made my site visible to targeted customers. I can’t thank the professionals over at Social Buzzing enough for all they have done. I was about to give up on my business after almost a year of no success; I am happy that I found Social Buzzing and that they could make a difference for my business.

- GP Electronics, Marlow

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