2 Ways to Maximise Twitter for Your Small Business

Almost any social media platform can be an effective marketing tool for your small business if used properly. Even then, there are some aspects of the platform that you might not be optimising enough or that you didn’t even know existed. Take Twitter, for example. Small to medium, even enterprise levels businesses all use Twitter as a way of reaching their target audience and engaging with potential customers using short, informational posts, hashtags, tagging accounts, sharing images and videos and more. After all, Twitter is the most social of all the social media networks and it is very effective at enabling its users to find and engage in conversations.


2 Ways to Maximise Twitter for Your Small Business


Leverage Your Videos- video content is a growing factor among every social media platform, especially Twitter. You can use videos to maximise your Twitter page and stand out from the crowd as not every Twitter user is adding video content to their page. It isn’t difficult to create video content and there are many apps available that will help you do it. Even simple video content can have a powerful effect on your audience, so don’t overdo it.


Join In Twitter Chats- one of the fastest, and easiest, ways to engage with your audience is to join in Twitter Chats. You should be able to find a Twitter Chat about almost anything, or you could start one of your own if you like. Just be sure to find the chats that your target audience is interested in and using. And don’t push your links using the chat hashtag.


If you are looking for a platform focused on social listening, building relationships and finding your target audience, Twitter is the best choice. If you aren’t sure just how to use Twitter for your marketing campaign, contacting a London digital marketing agency is the first step. If you are considering hiring a digital marketing firm, read the Social Buzzing reviews and contact us for a no-obligation consultation with a professional digital marketer today.


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