3 Things You Can’t Do On Facebook Anymore

Every now and then, Facebook makes some changes to its usage rules and they don’t always announce these changes in the way that you or I would like. Sure, you could read their blog daily to stay on top of these changes, but I don’t know anyone that has that much time in our busy schedules.


To better serve our clients, Social Buzzing has put together a list of three important Facebook changes that every small business owner should know.


1. Facebook bans like-gating

If you are planning to run a contest on Facebook to increase the likes on your fan page, there is something you should know. Facebook no longer lets you run contests that require a user to participate in a deal. You can still have people like your page, you just can’t require them to as part of an entry. Focus on increasing engagement, not likes, for your next contest.


2. You can no longer advertise without paying

Facebook no longer lets businesses feature items that are on sale. They are cracking down on what Facebook calls “overly promotional ads” saying users were complaining about the number of ads in their newsfeeds. It was getting kind of annoying and the ads were becoming useless as more and more people just skipped over them. Use Facebook’s advertising platform instead and let your business, and your products, speak for themselves the right way.


3. No promotional cover art

Facebook has also done away with promotional cover art for home pages. Why, with this piece of your Facebook page being such prime real estate, would Facebook do away with it? For the same reason they did away with promotional posts, it has become too distracting and has taken away from the Facebook user experience.


Don’t let these changes be the end of the world for you when choosing a social media platform. Facebook is still as effective as ever and it still offers small businesses many good opportunities to increase their business. If you need help understanding the new changes or finding new ways to work within these changes, contact the professionals at Social Buzzing and let us manage your social media pages and help turn your brand into a household name.



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