3 Top Tips For Being Successful On Twitter

Whether you are completely new to the world of twitter or just want to research some extra information to ensure your profile is getting as much engagement as possible – we have you covered for the best tried and tested tips for when it comes to being popular on twitter. Let your statistics reach new heights by simply following a few simple steps that may seem totally obvious or not obvious at all. Avoid letting your twitter fall into a cyber space completely ignored!


The Best Times To Tweet


Our advice: early and often. This tip is something you should take note of especially if you are new when it comes to the world of twitter. When it comes to the times your posting, there are arguments for each time of the day. However, we would suggest starting each day with an early morning tweet to ensure those who are checking their social media before going to work or doing the school run see your content. Tweeting often is something we would highly recommend too (but not too often as this may get over powering for your followers). Two or three tweets spread out through out day is the perfect amount if you really want to make sure a wide audience is viewing your content.


Engagement, Engagement, Engagement!


Twitter is one of the main social media platforms in which people are constantly and consistently engaging with each other. Whether that be through twitter polls, retweeting or quote tweeting twitter has a buzz of opinion and discussion. Take advantage of this! Set up a weekly twitter poll relevant to your business, reach out to your clients and ask them to give their opinion on your product, quote tweet other people’s tweets with motivational and happy words! Simple things like this really will make the world of difference when it comes to making sure your twitter profile is as popular as possible.


Do Not Ignore The Data


Twitter has the excellent tool available to all in which people can access and view the analytics of their tweets and twitter profile. Do not ignore this! Keep on eye out on which times in the day your tweets get the most engagement, whether your content is getting the amount of views you want it to get and the demographic of who is viewing your profile. If you allow all of this to come together as one you will get a deeper understanding of what you need to do be doing to improve your social media strategy!

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