4 Marketing Tips For Small Businesses During The Holiday Season

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day offer huge opportunities for small businesses. People tend to buy and travel more in late November, December, and early January. With competitors bombarding their target audience with advertising during the holiday season, you also need to do the same, but more effectively.


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Follow these marketing tips to get more results this holiday season:


Choose A Unique Angle- while keeping your marketing messages dead simple, they must be completely relevant to the holiday season. People will respond better if your messages address the current situation. Well-oriented advertising that promises solutions to consumers’ problems this holiday season can be a huge success.


Offer Giveaways, Contests, And Discounts- well-designed deals may spread the holiday experience to your customer. Loyal customers can get surprise gifts, rewards points, or discount codes that they can redeem. Deals can drive traffic to your e-commerce website, increase sales, attract new customers, and deepen brand loyalty.


Give Your Website And Store A Festive Feel- although many people buy things almost entirely online, others still consider going to stores as part of the authentic holiday experience. It is particularly true in smaller cities or suburbs where people don’t get trapped in traffic jams and long queues. If your store still gets decent traffic, you should give it a holiday feel. This will give customers a better shopping experience and they may return later to buy more products from your store. When customers visit your e-store, it should also have a cheerful, festive design. Prepare special landing pages that offer interesting deals. People can be directed to landing pages through online advertising, email links, and social media posts.


More Social Media Presence- you need to make a stronger presence on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and various other social media platforms. Engage more with your customers on social media. Consider running a photo contest with special rewards as prize. Contenders who receive the most likes from your social media followers can be the winners. Make your social media followers feel special this holiday season. Also, you need to use special hashtags in social media that can improve your visibility.


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