4 Ways To Boost Your Video Marketing Campaign

Video marketing is a powerful form of digital marketing and many businesses are still not aware of its effectiveness. Marketing videos can help to grow your business, as long as you understand all the fundamental principles. Your videos should be emotionally persuasive, logically satisfying and entirely entertaining. If people are persuaded, it is more likely for them to buy your products. If they get logical explanations, it will build trust. If they are entertained, people will look for your other videos. YouTube is the most preferable platform for publishing marketing videos because billions of YouTube videos are being watched daily. Vimeo, Twitch and Dailymotion are good alternatives if you seek a less competitive environment.


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If you want to shock and awe the audience with your marketing videos, here are some things to do:


Use Logical Arguments- only logical arguments can ensure sales. Before creating marketing videos, you need to lay out logical arguments to connect these videos to your brand, products, and services. You need to communicate value propositions to the audience in a seamless way.


Don’t Sell Your Products- it’s a huge turn off if they find out that you are selling products directly. Make people feel that they are being entertained and informed. You could introduce your brand in a subtle and non-intrusive way. Once people are familiar with your brand, they could find out more about your products.


Use Excellent Narrative- videos allow for good story-telling and this could affect people in a powerful way. A good storyline could make people more susceptible to new ideas. Listeners could become more aware of your messages. They will enjoy and follow your story. Mastering the art of story-telling requires some creativity, but it’s something that you can learn gradually.


Keep It Short- keep the duration less than 7 minutes as that’s already enough to explain your topics. Demonstrate key messages first and then show all relevant details.


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