5 Facebook Sharing Buttons to Put on Your Site

Is having a Facebook page enough? Have you ever thought about integrating the Facebook experience into your own website? Yes, this concept has been out there for years but is it really being taken advantage of? We have known that it helps having a Facebook share button in your content so readers have a chance to let their friends or family know about it. But there are a lot more to be taken advantage of.


#1: Like

While some would actually go for the Share button as the sharing option of choice if you can only add one button to your site, there is a good case for choosing Like instead. When a reader clicks on the Like button, they have the option to share it. This makes sense when you’re trying to save space but it might also confuse those who just want to share the content. This is why there are other options highlighted here.


Facebook provides you with a code to include the Like button on your page. But you can also use extensions such as AddThis or ShareThis if that’s what you prefer.


#2: Quote Plugin

What happens when a reader agrees so much with a certain passage in your content and they want to share it with their Facebook friends? Yes, there surely is the option of taking a screenshot then linking back to your content. But what if you could make that process more convenient?


With the Quote plugin, readers can highlight the passage they liked and share it with their followers. When they do, the update they sent would also be linked to your content.


It might be tempting to put this plugin in all pages but you have to realise that a box will pop up every time text is highlighted within your site. So the best advice is to put this plugin where shareable content is found.


#3: Save

Sometimes, readers don’t have the time to read an article at that very moment. They might just be browsing through during their break and find something they’d want to read or share with their friends. Rather than just remember to look at your page when they get home or before they leave work, why not give them the option to save that content to be read later? That is what you can use the Save button for.


#4: Messenger Send

Not everyone wants to share an article on their feed and tag their friends. Sometimes, they just want to share the link to the post so their friends can look at it privately. Yes, Facebook may be a public platform but users also need their privacy. This is what the Facebook Messenger Send button is for: allowing your readers to send a link to one or more people via Messenger.


#5: Share

Of course this has to be here. The difference between this and the Like button is sharing doesn’t require a reader to be a fan. They might just come across your content and want to share it.


Adding various Facebook sharing options to your site drives your readers to share and engage with your content. In short, make it convenient for them to spread the word about your content.


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