5 Helpful Apps That Entrepreneurs Should Know About

Several weeks ago, we talked about the productivity apps that should be used by employees; now, let’s tackle the mobile applications that are helpful for people who own small or medium enterprises. It’s no secret that business owners are attached to their smartphones but, if you’re one of these entrepreneurs, it’s important to note that your phone shouldn’t be just a way to communicate with your clients and staff. By downloading the right apps, you can turn your device into the ultimate productivity tool that will help you accomplish more while reducing amount of time and effort that you spend on your tasks.


Ready to get started? Here are some of the apps that should be on your phone:



We mentioned last time that Evernote is a great app for employees, but it’s also something that entrepreneurs like you can rely on, too. With this app, you can write down anything from simple grocery lists to brilliant business ideas, ensuring you won’t forget any important detail. Evernote also lets you take pictures of your notes so, instead of shuffling through the mountains of documents on your desk, you can just search for the info you want on your smartphone.



A couple of extra taps on your phone can mean the difference between success and failure when you have a busy schedule. Fortunately, you can find a way around this by using Workflow, an app that lets you have full control over your other apps and bypass steps that are a waste of time. Instead of going through several screens to write an email, for example, you can directly tap on a button that will open to a “Compose Message” screen in your email address.



Designing effective marketing materials can take a lot of time, but what if you can make the process easier by using a certain app? One such app is Canva, which gives you access to hundreds of formats for fliers, brochures, restaurant menus, infographics, and online ads as well as numerous font styles, font colors, and background images. By using it, you can easily create attractive and customized marketing materials while you’re riding the bus or waiting for your train to arrive.



Managing projects can be a pain, particularly if there are several people and numerous tasks involved. Fortunately, you can make it easier by using Casual, an app that lets you assign tasks to people and plot the flow of your project using neat, attractive, and easy-to-follow visual maps. Since you can open it both on its desktop version and its smartphone app, you and your staff can easily update each other about your tasks and see how your project is going.



You’ve probably already heard of Hootsuite and are using it now. If you aren’t, download the app ASAP. It lets you schedule your social media messages and posts so they can be released on your desired time and date, and it allows you to easily monitor your conversations on social media so you can reply to your customers right away. It’s a great way to keep up with your social network accounts without feeling overwhelmed.


Get these apps now and let them help you become more productive.



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