5 Important Things Every CEO Needs to Understand About SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), with all its technicalities, may feel like a very intricate and profuse topic for the C-suite. However, if it is oversimplified, it may lead to underwhelming results. That’s why this article aims to correctly highlight and objectively explain 5 of the most important things every CEO needs to understand about SEO.


  1. SERP (explain what SERP stands for) layout


Here are the changes and proliferating trends of present-day SERP layouts:


The number of ads that appear in SERP results varies and may also appear on the bottom of the page. Other information like news, carousel lists, paid ads and so on are pushed ahead of organic links. Thus, making the features of the SERP assorted in such a manner as to provide a comprehensive approach to your brand’s online visibility.


Mobile & social integration is of the utmost importance, along with strategic ads & long-tailed keywords. This, in turn, helps to create relevant links & also offers really good conversion rates.


As a CEO, it is crucial to understand how a SERP layout looks so you can differentiate between paid & organic results.


  1. Results and timing – What to expect?


SEO requires patience and understanding. Apart from paid search, SEO is not something that can usually provide quick results or sales. It is a long-term process, yielding long-term gains.


For competitive keywords such as “best realtor in town”, achieving high search results usually takes a lot of time & effort. As a CEO, you may not always have the time to check on your in-house team. Depending on your finances, working with a digital marketing agency or a social media agency London (get rid of the London bit) may turn out to be fruitful for you.


Search engine algorithms are always changing and get more user-centric with each passing year. This demands a constant tab on the regular updates. If you hire a digital marketing agency London, (get rid of the London bit) you will find that they understand this. They stay updated with algorithm updates and can help your brand achieve more reach and better Search Engine Rankings.


When hiring a digital marketing agency be careful to set your performance expectations. No legitimate agency or SEO professional will be able to offer guaranteed results.


  1. Influence over the search engines


CEOs cannot simply call up Google and demand for better search rankings and results. Yes, paid ads can hugely influence the brand’s reach and sales, but that is often short-lived. The results from paid searchs vanish as soon as you stop the ads. However, reaching for organic results can take your brand towards long-term SERP gains & rankings. And did you know? Digital marketing agency London has a better shot at it as they are always adapting to the updates.


  1. Meta tags


Meta tags still play a prominent role in any online marketing campaign. CEOs should learn the importance of optimising their titles and Meta description tags for their sites, blogs, and online stores. However, do not get carried away with it and start seeing meta tags as something magical that can give you higher rankings overnight.


These tags, if optimised properly, can influence SERP rankings gradually and its results will stay for longer.


  1. Content quality


Quality content means a web page, blog, image or video etc that provides value to the users and has high interaction rates.


What’s so special about it? Quality content can help to increase social media mentions, shares and clicks. It also encourages users to spend more time on the page or even become a loyal user of the content creator. This, in turn, gives rise to improved rankings. As a CEO, you must ensure that creating quality content is always given first priority in the brand’s SEO campaign.


In conclusion


This is just 5 of the most important things CEOs should know about SEO before hiring a digital marketing agency. Knowing the important things about SEO is key to bringing great gains to your business in today’s date.

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