5 More Social Media Tactics That You Should Be Using

In our previous post, 5 Social Media Tactics That You Should Be Using, we shared some of our favourite social media tactics that we use to create effective social media strategies for our clients. With the success of that post, we decided to share more tactics that can help make your social media campaign more successful and help your business grow online.

  1. Publishing Long-Form Content on Social Media

You don’t always have to publish short posts or quick messages to be effective on social media. Publishing long form content enables you to share company news, promotional messages and large status updates.

This doesn’t mean that you should turn every post into an essay, but remember that long form content is available and you should use it more often when you have something to say.

  1. Having a Unique Strategy for Each Network

What works on Facebook, might not work as well on Twitter or Reddit and vice versa. You need to create a unique strategy for each network making sure that strategy is effective and suits the readers.

Another tip is to not share the same post across your social media pages. Your audience may be engaged with you on these pages and they might not want to see the same post over and over in their feed. Not only do the formats and dimensions differ for different platforms, but so do audience interests.

  1. Pinning Webinars and Blog Content on Pinterest

Pinterest is a very powerful promotional platform. Bloggers, makeup artists, fitness gurus, and chefs are using the full potential of Pinterest to promote their work while organizations are lagging behind. Don’t overlook Pinterest as a promotional platform and start pinning your content so your followers can re-pin it to their friends.

  1. Messaging Influencers and Followers

Many businesses are finally realizing and tapping into the power of influencer marketing. When you build a relationship with an influencer, you can ask them to promote your campaign and making your content available to their much larger audience. The effects of influencer marketing can help your business or promotion grow overnight.

  1. Focusing on the LinkedIn Profile

When marketing experts want to promote an organization, they usually use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They overlook LinkedIn and that could be a mistake. LinkedIn is a very influential network. When your employees promote your company through their LinkedIn profile, your company instantly gains more authority. LinkedIn is easy to use, has an incredible publishing platform and should be used by every small business owner and their employees.

These are social media tactics used by the digital marketing agency Chester business owners choose when they want to succeed. If you want to grow your business, contact Social Buzzing and let one of our social media marketing professionals help you grow your business online today.


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