5 Social Media Tactics You Should Be Using

When it comes to social media, many small business owners are unsure of what to do and when to do it. This often leads to frustration and can leave a business owner ready to throw in the towel and give up. Succeeding in social media can be difficult, but it is not impossible. It just takes the right tactics and the ability to use them properly.

As the only digital marketing agency Chester small business owners turn to for results, Social Buzzing has created this list of the top 5 social media tactics you should be using right now. Let’s take a look:

  1. Providing Customer Service Through Social Media

Did you know that 67% of consumers use social media for customer service? It gets even better: 66% stopped doing business with a company because they weren’t happy with their social customer service. And 67% of consumers use social media for customer service. This means that your business should focus on providing friendly and helpful customer service through your social media pages.

  1. Using Cover Photos for Visual Promotion

Social media profiles are highly visual. But the one thing that customers notice first is the cover photo. Use your cover photo to promote your regular content, an event or webinars, discounts that you offer or anything else that might be a change from the same old cover photo that many businesses add to their pages and never change.

  1. Engaging Employees

Social media platforms offer a great opportunity for organizations to engage their employees in a social media marketing campaign. If all of your employees took part in a promotional campaign and shared your business’ content with just 100 of their friends, you will have tapped into a much larger audience than ever expected with very little effort on your part. This is organic social media  connections that are better than paid.

  1. Surveying the Audience in Real Time

Why post surveys on your social media pages?

  • Surveys let them get info about the audience’s perception of the products or services
  • It’s easy for an organization to conduct a survey
  • The info a survey provides lets the organization make informed decisions
  • The good news is that surveys and survey requests are no longer limited to email. Companies can now survey their audience in real time via social media.
  • That means that a business can get instant feedback with a simple poll that asks a critical question.
  1. Combining Paid and Organic Marketing Strategies

Not only is social media advertising much cheaper than all the old methods, but it’s also more targeted, and therefore more effective. Reddit, Facebook LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest all have advanced, easy to use advertising platforms that enable companies to reach the right target audience. When using paid ads, be sure to combine them with organic, free marketing strategies to ensure success.

To learn more about how you can increase the effectiveness of your social media strategy, contact the marketing agency Chester business owners use most, Social Buzzing. We will help you create a social media strategy that will help your business succeed online.


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