5 Social Media Tools For Small Business Owners

Social media is a highly dynamic and competitive ecosystem where billions of people gather to share information and interact with one another. It can be daunting for small business owners to do things productively on social media. With the right tools, however, every task can be made more focused and effective.


With that being said, we are going to take a look at some social media tools that can help small business owners get the best results possible from their social media marketing campaigns.


5 Social Media Tools For Small Business Owners


Snaplytics- for small business owners who focus on Instagram stories and Snapchat, this is a good tool to use. Snaplytics allows them to check clicks, drop off times, open rates and others. They can ensure that their brands will work better with influencers. Snaplytics is a great tool for gaining insight into how users interact with stories.


Ad Stage- Ad Stage is an alternative tool for marketers who are working on multiple platforms. It pulls data from all social media platforms and creates a detailed overview of your campaigns. This is useful for small business owners who need to extract cross-platform data accurately to make the best marketing decisions.


Famoid- Famoid offers an easy and free analytic function for social media. Small business owners can gain information on followers, engagement percentage and other details.


Promo- Promo is a social media marketing tool for creating videos. You can choose any of the thousands stock videos and then import them. With the online editing suite, you can add smooth transitions and text overlays.


Later: Later supports Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. It’s a scheduling tool with a drag and drop interface. Instagram imposes a strict restriction on auto-publish features, however, Later is an official Instagram partner so you can schedule posts along with hashtags, saved captions and other important details.


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