5 Tips To Ensure That Your Site Gets High Quality Backlinks

Over the years, we have been involved in a large number of blog posts that effectively promoted their businesses. None of these promotions would have been possible without high quality backlinks. In this blog post, we will share five tips to ensure that your site gets high quality backlinks all while avoiding the shady tactics employed by other “black hat” SEOs.


  • Send an email to the editor-in-chief and website owner at your target website with a brief introduction and link to your website. If you are unsure who that is, try sending it to general information or contact us and ask for their contact information. If they are not responding at all, ask them to call your office number. Explain why you think your website is an excellent resource for their readers. Our email to the editor-in-chief worked wonders in getting the media exposure that we wanted


  • Share your article on Reddit. This is one of the sites that has actually put us in touch with a media contact at a major publication (link to our Reddit thread). We make sure to follow up with them and ask if they plan on running our story/post on their blog as well. This is a perfect second round of exposure for both your website and ours.


  • Make a Google Alert. Search for your niche. For example, if you are a media research site, search for [media] or [journalism] in Google. You want to find the top sites that link out to backlinks from your site. This will give you even more opportunities to work with media journalists who may be interested in your posts or story.


  • Email the owner of the site to let them know that they should post your article on their website immediately so that other readers can benefit from their content. Depending on the extent of their traffic, they may actually place it on their blog right away (which means more readers will see it than if they had left it unpublished).


  • Make a Twitter account and post links to your website on various sites that are popular among journalists and bloggers. Even if they don’t tweet directly at you, they may retweet you or share your link on their Twitter feed. You can also send them direct messages through Twitter asking if they would be interested in writing about your article.

Bottom Line


If you want to extract maximum value from your blog content, you will need to send a few emails and make a few changes. Find the right person to email in order to make sure that your content gets published and linked to as much as possible. Then, you should use social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit in order to make sure that other media outlets see your articles or stories. That’s it! We hope this information helped you out. For more information about the topic or if you are interested in hiring a social media agency in London, or an SEO agency in London, visit Social Buzzing.

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