6 Reasons Instagram Will Overtake Facebook

If you asked any industry expert just a few years ago if they thought Instagram would ever be bigger than Facebook, you would probably have been laughed at hysterically or simply ignored. Today, in the wake of Facebook’s privacy issues and the fact that they are losing a large demographic of users, that idea isn’t as ridiculous as it once sounded. In fact, many industry experts believe that Instagram will overtake Facebook in the very near future.


While that is a very bold statement, here are some of the reasons why:


Instagram Is A More Positive Platform- social media is supposed to be fun and with many of the political posts Facebook users are seeing and the amount of trolls that are plaguing the social media site, users are looking for something more positive and more upbeat and that, for many, is Instagram.


Instagram Is More Mobile-Friendly- that’s right, Instagram is more mobile friendly than Facebook and that is because Instagram was originally designed for mobile use only. Experts say that almost 80% of social media content is consumed in a mobile environment and that gives Instagram a definite advantage over Facebook.


Instagram Has Built-In Messaging That Rivals Facebook Messenger- Instagram’s built-in messaging function is almost as good as Messenger and developers are continuing to improve on it with video messaging and other functions designed to make it more user friendly and organic.


Instagram Is Trending with young people- with Facebook focusing more and more on the needs of its adult users, they are losing many of their younger crowd to Instagram. Young people, ages 12-34 are leaning towards both Instagram and Snapchat as their go-to social media platforms and these users are the core of social media’s future.


Instagram Is e-Commerce Friendly- yes, Facebook is a very effective social media selling platform, but Instagram’s targeting algorithm is better. With in-app payments enabling users to buy from the photo directly, users don’t ever have to leave Instagram to visit a website meaning they spend more time on the platform and have a much easier purchase experience.


Instagram Is Brand-Friendly- Facebook’s many changes to their display algorithm is making it more and more difficult for brands to appear in News Feed. These changes aren’t as intrusive on Instagram and brands have a better chance of displaying in user’s feeds. This makes social media marketing campaigns more effective.


Will Instagram overtake Facebook as the leading social media platform? And if so, when?


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