Are You Addicted to Facebook?

Whether for business or pleasure, billions of people worldwide use Facebook on a daily basis, with some of them staying logged in 24/7 to make sure they don’t miss anything. This could just be someone who is really dedicated to their family and friends and likes to keep in touch, or it could be the signs of something much deeper than that. It could be the signs of an addiction.


Facebook Addiction Disorder is a very real condition and it is characterized my many things but the most common is a definite need for Facebook and spending hours on end on the social media site. We’ve put together a list of indicators to help you know if you, or a friend or loved one, is addicted to Facebook and has FAD.


1. You Lose Sleep Over Facebook- If you are staying up all hours of the night to spend time on Facebook, you might be addicted. If you have to work early in the morning, and you spend every night on Facebook instead of sleeping, it could start to affect your work and that is a sure sign of an addiction.


2. You Spend More Than An Hour A Day On Facebook- Let’s face it, just how much information is there to read on Facebook and just how much catching up with friends and family do you need to do? More than an hour a day on Facebook is a sign that you are addicted.


3. You Become Obsessed With Old Loves- Do you use Facebook as a tool to look up old flames? Do you secretly check out coworkers’ Facebook posts and pictures even if they haven’t friended you? This is not only a sign of Facebook addiction, but it could also be construed as stalking and inappropriate workplace behavior.


4. You Ignore Work In Favor Of Facebook- Maybe Facebook is making you late for work or while you are at work, you shrug off your day’s tasks to spend time on Facebook. If this sounds like you, you might be addicted to Facebook.


5. The Thought Of Getting Off Facebook Leaves You In A Cold Sweat- If logging out of Facebook stresses you out and you begin to have withdrawal symptoms, this is a sure sign that you are addicted to Facebook and you might need help.


Facebook Addiction Disorder is a very real condition and it affects millions of people all over the world. We aren’t saying that there is anything wrong with Facebook or any other social media platform; just use them in moderation and remember that there is a real world out there with real people who just might like to see you in person.



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