Avoiding Email Spam Filters

Have you ever sent an important email to a client, vendor or prospective customer only to find that they never received it? This could cost you lost time, lost clients or lost sales and leave you wondering what happened. Chances are, the spam filter is what happened and it decided to take your email and, instead of sending to the recipient’s inbox, send it to the spam folder.

How can you avoid the spam filter and make sure your email is received by your client or customer? You could email them again and ask but that might look unprofessional and that email may even end up in the spam folder along with the first one. If you want to make sure your emails arrive in the inbox, use the following tips today:

  • Use a trusted, reliable email service provider.
  • Be sure that the chosen recipient has given you permission to communicate with them and keep your communication with them consistent.
  • Create subject lines and body content carefully. This is the first thing the recipient will see as they decide to open your email or mark it as spam.
  • Be sure to include a text version of your email. Although spam filters do examine HTML closely to ensure that it isn’t spam, adding a text version will ensure your message is received.
  • Use descriptive text instead of URLs when linking. Spam filters look for ways to block phishing attacks and may see your URL as a phishing attempt.
  • Ensure that the email you send is professional looking. Making the email message readable and not forwarding a string of emails will ensure that your message lands in the inbox, not the spam box.

By following these helpful tips, you can ensure that your emails will always be received and you will avoid the dreaded spam folder.

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