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The Best Tours of China specializes in trips to China. They ensure that you have the best possible time and are committed to looking after each and every customer throughout the entire process. They provide first class service and have the knowledge needed to ensure that you have the best possible experience in China

Jun started The best of China Tours because of her great love for the country. She feels that this is what she knows best. She would like to help people with her first-hand experience and knowledge, of this breath taking country, to have the best possible time in China.

Jun grew up in China and has been living in London for the past twenty years. She is married to an English man and has a six year old boy. To quote Jun “life is great when you can do what you love.” She loves travelling and has been to over 50 countries. Jun and her husband spent two years in South America before she decided that it is time to settle down and start a family.

Every year Jun and her husband take their son to visit her family in Xi’an China. Every year they travel to a different city and appreciate all that China has to offer.

Jun loves China for its rich culture, beautiful landscapes, all their festivals and their thirty UNESCO World Heritage Sites. From the Great Wall of China to the Forbidden City, Suzhou, she loves it all.

Below is Jun and her family on the Great of China.


China is known for its unique culture, breath taking landscapes, and rich history. China has over fifty-five minority tribes that still follow ancient traditions. There are more festivals than you can count! They have The Fire Sacrifice Festival, The Taizhi Festival, The Midu Huadeng Festival and so much more.

She feels that to truly appreciate the beauty of China you have to do it at your own pace. The Best of China Tours offers you all types of packages, whether you need 10 days or 20 days they will help you find the perfect package that suits the needs of your adventurous side.

Jun loved travelling the world, but her one true love will always be China. She is making it her mission in life to ensure that you see everything that China has to offer and that it will be a trip that you will never forget.

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