Best Facebook Marketing Tips for 2018

Facebook is fast becoming the go-to marketing platform for many online businesses and for good reason. Facebook is very good at connecting people. From long lost friends, to businesses with customers, Facebook makes it easy to find what you are looking for while still searching within a social media platform. Using Facebook to your advantage when marketing your business can provide immediate results and help small business engage with customers and grow their brands. While Facebook marketing isn’t easy, it can be very effective with just the right amount of effort.

As one of the digital marketing agency Chester business owners trust most, Social Buzzing is the leader in Facebook marketing and can help your business grow and thrive on social media. Here are some of our best Facebook marketing tips for 2018:

Determining the Best Day to Post

When posting content onto your Facebook timeline, you want to do it when the highest amount of followers are online. Using Facebook’s Insights feature will enable you to do this by identifying the average time when you can find your followers online or offline.

Creating and Scheduling Status Updates

With almost 800 million users on Facebook every day, marketing your business to these users is important. To reach as many users as possible, you want to create and schedule status updates so your followers will see your content and become informed or entertained by it.

Using Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are very powerful marketing tools that every small business owner should know about. They are inexpensive and very effective at generating conversions. You can even use Facebook ads as a way of boosting your page’s photo views, video plays, comments, shares, and likes.

The Use of Messenger Bots

Facebook messenger is useful as well for any small business’ marketing strategy. With over sixty million businesses on messenger and Facebook always improving the service, it makes sense to utilise it to your advantage. One way to make the most of Messenger is to download and set up a Messenger bot.

Messenger bots can accept online orders, sending news and information and answering quick questions that customers might have.

Use Stories

Facebook introduced stories as a technique to explore the ephemeral post trend. The idea behind these posts is highlighting a new content type that focuses on moments, rather than longer plans. Brands will understand how users perceive them on social media and help in coming up with the best techniques of reaching them.

Using Customer Service Pages

Facebook pages are serving as a communication platform between brands and clients. Brands have a challenge since they need to provide the best experience for this audience and Facebook has answered this need by creating a platform that auto responds to customers when you are unavailable to answer. By concentrating on these new customer service pages that Facebook is developing, business owners can become better Facebook marketers in 2018.

If you have any questions about Facebook marketing and how your small business can grow using Facebook as an advertising platform, contact Social Buzzing, now and let one of our social media experts assist you with your next Facebook marketing project today.


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