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Technology adoption is higher than ever, e-commerce statistics are off the charts, and online strategy is fighting its way to the top of the agenda for thousands of businesses across the country as the fight to be recognised online really heats up. Organisations looking to enhance their digital strategy need look no further than Social Buzzing – the social media management service which is the top seller on renowned marketplace, PeoplePerHour.


With offices in London and Chester, Social Buzzing has cemented its position as one of the leading social marketing services in the UK, with a 98% rating on the site, thousands of satisfied customers and the highest-selling packages for the last fifteen months. Any business searching for a company that can help boost their online profile, refine their social media strategy and take the hassle out of regular social media management can turn to Social Buzzing for a variety of services and Hourlies.

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PeoplePerHour is an online marketplace whereby businesses and individuals can buy or sell unique services related to digital marketing, social media, web design and other elements of online promotion. With thousands of members, and hundreds of thousands of pounds deposited in Escrow every day for work carried out, it’s without a doubt the premier site of its kind. Social Buzzing’s position at the very top of this website is testament to the quality of their services, and demonstrates their commitment to providing quality social media packages to a multitude of clients in a range of industries.


Vanessa Whitaker, Founder and Director of Social Buzzing, says, “Since our inception we’ve developed and honed a complete range of services that can help boost the online profile of a business – from managing social media accounts to ensuring they have a dynamic and well-designed website.”


She adds, “We’re thrilled to have received top seller status on PeoplePerHour – it’s such a diverse, demanding marketplace that our position at the top of the ranks is a high accolade. We feel our superb rating on the website is evidence of our quality, our reliability and our efficacy as online marketing experts – and we’d encourage anyone searching for a social media management service to check out our testimonials and see exactly how we’ve helped other businesses achieve online success.”


With SEO packages, web design services and their flagship social media management offering, Social Buzzing offer a huge number of Hourlies on People Per Hour, for anyone searching for a way to get ahead online. The social media team are results-driven, so any business that needs a sure-fire method to increase their online exposure can trust Social Buzzing to provide a comprehensive service.


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