Should You Build An In-House Digital Marketing Team?

If your small business is growing and you are relying more on digital marketing techniques to generate sales, it could become necessary to either contract out your digital marketing needs to a social media agency or build a full-time digital marketing team within your company. Regardless of your choice, you will need a marketing leader to either set up your team and lead it, or to run your digital marketing campaign for you.


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Should you build an in-house digital marketing team? Let’s take a look at what it will take and why it might not be your best option:


Start Small- to build an in-house digital marketing team, your budget might require that you start small. Unless you have near unlimited financial backing, it is possible that you will spread your resources out too thin. The team may initially have just a few employees which means they can’t do everything at once. However, it is much better to scale up gradually and focus on the priority tasks by hiring a social media agency to manage your digital marketing campaign.


Calculate Everything- your digital marketing team will need know their budget and be clear about what it takes to achieve their goals. This may not be possible and, if the team doesn’t know all their numbers, they won’t know what it’s going to take to deliver results.


Be Sales-Oriented- in any business, sales beat everything. No matter what the company is, a marketing team must always be in sales. Make no mistake about it, the digital team should sell everywhere they go and whatever they do. They always need to maintain the sales mindset. This could make it difficult to create your in-house marketing team and another reason to consider hiring a social media agency.


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