Build Your Own Website and Save Money?

Small business owners all over the UK realize the importance of having a website and being online where their customers can reach them 24/7 but, for many of them, that’s where the knowledge stops. They know the why, but not the how and that is the most important part. Fortunately for them, Social Buzzing is here to design and develop a website and get their business online in no time. Still, there are others who decide to go it alone thinking it will save them both time and money but the question I have to ask is, “Does it really?”


Let’s take a look at both sides of this for a moment. Creating your own website will save you money initially, but does it pay off in the end? Small business owners can hire a web design firm to create their website, pay a nominal fee and be up and running making online sales and attracting new customers. Or, they could sit down with a cup of coffee, their laptop and a “how-to” guide only to end up confused, stressed and tired 12 hours later with nothing to show for it but a mediocre website that they are “settling” with.


Now, for the moment, they effectively have a website; it’s not a very good one and, to their potential customers, it’s not very professional looking at all. The website is missing content, there is an abundance of spelling and grammar errors and some of the pages don’t work. As a customer visiting their website, would you make a purchase or would you click away and buy from their competitor’s site? All too often, potential customers will click away from the site never to return no matter what corrections the business makes later on.


As a business, we have one chance to impress our customers and that it the very moment they click on our website and see what we have to offer. A poorly designed website will detract customers, cost the business in lost sales and end up needed redone causing even more lost time. Have your UK small business website designed professionally and save the time, hassle and frustration of doing it yourself; you may even see an increase in sales as your site will be more appealing to potential customer.



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