Is Your Business Ready For COVID-19 Lockdown 2?

Now that much of the country is back in lockdown, small businesses are taking what they learned from the previous lockdown and applying it today to help protect their employees, customers, and their businesses. This includes everything from ensuring protective masks are worn, to increasing your focus on social media marketing.


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Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at some ways that you can get your business ready for COVID-19 Lockdown 2:


Virtual Meetings- although employees have returned to work, it is not recommended to congregate in the meeting room. Managers may ask employees to hold meetings virtually from their desks.


Constant Use Of Protective Gear- employees should always wear face masks, face shields and gloves to limit the spread of the disease. Business owners should clearly specify the detailed specifications of gears to ensure optimum protection.


Physical Distancing- asking employees to maintain physical distancing isn’t enough. There must be significant changes in the office space layout to make it easier to do physical distancing. Desks must be spaced adequately to prevent employees from working too closely. This, combined with the wearing of face masks or face shields, is the most effective way to reduce the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace.


Require Hand Washing- there must be a strict requirement for employees to wash their hands before entering the workplace. It is recommended to do a thorough hand washing with running water and antiseptic soap, instead of using hand sanitising products.


Train Staff- small businesses with a wider and more enhanced team skillset can better compete in a post COVID-19 world. If your business is known for its experienced and capable staff in the local area, you may improve reputation and brand awareness. When performing marketing, expertise is a critical factor. Start by hiring capable and experienced workers in the local area, so it is easier to widen their skillset later. As you are offering additional products and services to target businesses in the area, your staff’s capability should also expand.


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