Do The Clothes Really Make The Man? At Peckham Rye, The Answer Is Yes!

Recently, I had the pleasure of browsing a clothing retailer’s website and right away, I noticed that it was different than any other men’s apparel site I had ever visited. The site was as tasteful as the retailers clothing, which had an appeal that evokes images of success, power and wealth. And not the watered down, inherited version of those aspects, but the hard-earned version in which a man worked hard to achieve those things in life.

That gentleman’s clothier is, of course, Peckham Rye. Peckham Rye is a London clothing and apparel shop offering premium men’s apparel and custom-fitted suits that are tastefully classic, yet with a modern allure. With top British name brands such as Fox, Holland & Sherry and Scabal, just to name a few, Peckham Rye is where the well-dressed gentlemen shop. It is also where you can get fitted for a bespoke suit, handcrafted by an artisan tailor who has many years of experience dressing London’s elite.

While all of this might sound expensive, don’t let it dissuade you from visiting their website, or shopping in store at Peckham Rye’s Newburgh Street location as their prices are quite reasonable, especially when you consider the quality and attention to detail you get in return.

Years Of Knowledge And Expertise Go Into Every Peckham Rye Made To Measure Suit

With made to measure suits starting at just £900, Peckham Rye offers upscale clothing that almost anyone can afford. Every Peckham Rye made to measure suit is carefully handcrafted using only the highest quality fabrics. With years of knowledge and expertise, our professional tailors have an eye for detail and are precise in every measurement. Why do we go to such lengths to create a great made to measure suit for our clients? Because that is the way Peckham Rye has done it for generations and why we have a reputation for quality and value throughout the men’s clothing industry.

The Peckham Rye Story

There is an interesting story about how Peckham Rye came to be. The founder, Tommy McCarthy, was sold by his father to the East India Company at just 8 years old. He was sent to the Fort of St. George Madras in 1807, and later to Bangalore, where he began his career as a tailor in Brigade Road. It wasn’t until 1851 that Tommy returned to England with his sons and began a tailoring business. His son, Charlie, already a competent tailor at the age of just 9, worked alongside his father learning the trade and improving his skills. At 14, he is a tailor with the Royal Fusiliers where he served until 1878 when he and his family settled in Peckham and opened up their family-run tailor shop, Peckham Rye.

The brand’s slogan “a gentleman should always dress just a little bit above his station in life, and in that way people will think no less of him” is enshrined in everything they do and every article of clothing they make and these words have been passed from generation to generation.

If you are considering purchasing a bespoke made-to-measure tailored or RTW suit, let the experienced professionals at Peckham Rye assist you and help you look your very best!

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To learn more about Peckham Rye and how you can have a made-to-measure suit created for you, contact Peckham Rye today!

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