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An exciting discovery is this new, small company which has found a niche in supplying only one line of products, and supplying it really, really well.

Made in Tuscany specialise in premium quality leather bags, designed and hand-made in Florence with a beautiful collection of products including ladies handbags ( ) leather doctors bags ( ) through to classic leather holdalls and travel bags ( )

The concept is to take customers from the ordinary, and instead open up a world of extraordinary quality and design. As if you were walking and shopping the streets of that fashion capital, Florence, yourself, customers can pick-up a sensibly priced, hand-made creation with next day delivery. What’s more each bag is unique- the cut of the leather, the colouring from the tanning process, and is made to the highest standards guaranteeing a lifetime of value from your initial investment.

There is nothing quite like a thoroughbred bag, and there’s nowhere that has the knowledge and tradition of classy bag manufacture quite like Tuscany.


What’s more, the trade in these fine leathergoods keeps traditional manufacturing alive, and supports these ancient trades which support families and supply chains all over Tuscany.


“Our mission is to add value and beauty to your life by providing our customers with stand-out products to replace mundane, daily-use items with beautiful alternative choices which tell a story, and support traditional industry.”


Made in Tuscany supports local artisans in their trade and exports these beautiful collections to be known and loved by people throughout the world. In doing so, we help keep alive these manufacturing traditions, as well as a respect for the environment with which these producers have worked in harmony for so many years.


The store offers next day delivery and free returns for up to 60 days, for a risk-free approach to your bag shopping needs!


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