Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Business

More and more businesses are turning to Instagram to help market their products and, when done properly, it is really paying off. Whether you are new to social media or have been using it effectively for your business, you should take a look at Instagram and see what this platform has to offer.


We are going to share with you some creative ways that you can use Instagram to help grow your business and your customer base.


Show Off Your Products

With Instagram, you can create a shop window that lets your customers browse your products and see what you have to offer. Be sure to add high quality images and showcase as many of your products as possible. You can even engage your customers by asking questions about your products and letting them make suggestions for new products or colours.


Show How Your Products Are Made

Many of today’s consumers want to know how your products are made and you can show them on Instagram. Take pictures throughout the manufacturing process and post them to your Instagram page. Customers will be more engaged and they may even be impressed by your manufacturing process.


Give a Behind the Scenes Look at Your Company

Rather than offering an in-person tour of your company, use Instagram and give your customers an all access pass to your company. This will make them feel more of a connection with your company and could increase sales.


Show What Your Products Can Do

Many times, there is more than one way to use your product and sharing this on your Instagram page will help increase interaction with your customers. They may even offer up their own uses for your products which builds brand loyalty and could increase new user sales.


Make Your Followers Feel Special

Make your customers on Instagram feel special is as easy as giving them exclusive previews of the products or services you will be offering. When customers feel like you care enough to do this, they will engage more and even share how they feel about your company on other social media sites.


Introduce Your Employees

Employees will enjoy the recognition and Instagram followers will get a chance to see the people behind the brand. You can even add some information about the employee to give your Instagram followers a more “in-touch” feel with your company.



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