Daily Checklist for Social Media Marketers

Social media marketers work hard to maximise results for their clients every day. They know that small daily achievements will add up and their clients can gain results in just a few months. Most social media marketing firms have a strict, daily routine that they follow to ensure the success of their clients’ brands and businesses and to help them grow their customer base online and on social media.


As the leading digital marketing agency Chester business owners tcrust most, Social Buzzing has received many positive reviews from our clients for the work we do. To help people understand just what we do, we have created a daily checklist that we follow:


1) Mention your brands: Brands should be mentioned each day and we make this a big priority. Clients get results from this, especially if there are mentions of your brand from the audience. We make sure that these mentions are favourable and appropriate and we clarify any misconceptions and concerns about our clients’ brands.


2) Update profiles: Regular social media users rarely update their profiles, but it’s a different thing with marketers. There is always something new that we can add or change in our clients’ profile settings each day. We make sure that the change is relevant to what’s going on in the market and industry that day. By keeping our clients’ profiles updated, people will know that they are active and it’s more likely for them to interact.


3) Post content: When people open social media platforms, they want to read, view, hear and watch content. We make sure that our clients’ content is compelling, unique and high quality.


  • Twitter: it’s advisable to post at least 8 tweets each day.
  • Facebook: it is a good idea to post one or two quality articles that people will actually read and comment on.
  • Instagram: Ideally, users should post three times on Instagram to maintain their presence without looking spammy.
  • LinkedIn: One new LinkedIn post each day is good enough. Because LinkedIn is a professional environment, we make sure that each post is designed properly.


4) Help people: If marketers help people, their clients will be able to keep loyal customers and win new ones.


If your business could use a boost online or your digital marketing campaign could use some expert advice, check the Social Buzzing positive reviews and decide if our team is right for your business, then call us today.

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