Debunking Myths About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has been proven as an effective method to stepping up brand awareness and introduce products/services to the audience. Even so, many business owners still have misconceptions about it. There are still some doubts about digital implementations of marketing because they are less tangible than offline methods. If you are still unsure about using digital marketing for your business, contact the digital marketing agency London small business owners trust most and speak with a digital marketing expert today.


Here are some misconceptions that we often hear about digital marketing:


Too Much Time, Too Little Result- it can be discouraging for business owners when they spend a lot of time doing digital marketing and getting little results. In reality, we won’t get instant results with digital marketing. Results will add up gradually, as long as we are consistent. But, once we have a good online reputation, we get results more continuously. Even if we stop doing digital marketing temporarily, our online ads, social media posts, YouTube videos, positive user reviews and blog posts will continue generating sales and profits.


It’s Too Technical- for small business owners, digital marketing sounds too technical and complex. It is true that business owners and marketers should have some technical knowhow. It’s not difficult to purchase online ads, publish blog posts, post on social media, and encourage satisfied customers to write reviews, and some small business owners can do many of these tasks on their own. For best results, choosing a digital marketing agency London is recommended.


We Need To Invest A Lot- we often hear that the digital marketing landscape is intensely competitive. Too many people are competing for the same keywords and key phrases, while giant corporations are spending millions on digital marketing. In reality, small business owners can choose the most effective long-tail keywords with less competition. They could also target a local audience, instead of targeting nation-wide or global consumers. Social media is an effective, low-cost tool to attract potential customers in local areas.


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