Debunking Myths About Social Media Marketing

Social media was originally created as a place where people communicate with others, read some entertaining posts and basically, goof off. However, it has already grown into one of the most powerful tools for business marketing. It is a place where marketers can promote products and engage with their client’s audience and it enables people to make sales and increase leads.


But, even with the success of social media and its ability to help grow businesses, there are still a number of misconceptions related to social media marketing that we need to consider. Let’s take a look at some of them now:


  1. Social media marketing is completely free: It is true that social media is free to use, but it doesn’t mean that marketing using this platform is completely free. If you really want to become successful with social media, it is important to devote hard work, research, attention and time. This requires you to spend money, because you need to research and make content. You will need to track results and find out whether you are doing the right thing.


  1. Followers and friends are all you need: Many marketers consider it a success if they have many thousands of followers and friends. However, bigger isn’t always better. It is important to evaluate the engagement metrics and consider whether you can convert them into actual buyers. It’s always about quality and not quantity.


  1. Professionals don’t use social media often: Professionals are important targets for social media. Being able to appeal to them can result in real sales. Today, more and more professionals are using social media and not only on LinkedIn, but other platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well.


  1. Social media marketing is easy to do: Many people often use social media and they understand to use the features of the various platforms. However, social media marketing is a different matter. There are procedures that you need to follow if you want to succeed in social media marketing and they aren’t as easy as scrolling through your Facebook feed. Trends in social media change often and you need to always stay on top of these changes. Using common methods often no longer work and it is important to become more creative with your marketing campaigns.


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