Digital marketing is a type of marketing which uses the internet as the core medium of promotion which can be accessed using electronic gadgets like computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.While Social Media Marketing is a subset of digital marketing which excels at promotion using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and much more. The source of it marketing is social media.

Digital marketing also includes non-internet channels like multimedia messaging service (MMS), short messaging service (SMS) callbacks, etc. Digital marketing targets a smaller and more concentrated group and creates conversions.

Social media depends on the interaction of the users, forming a community of sorts and hence has a ‘social’ element to it, and also sharing information. As Facebook is generating millions of user, it means that statistically, Facebook cannot be ignored and hence, can be a vital part of social media marketing strategies.Social media marketing relates to segregated groups formed over common interests on social media platforms.

As a company, Digital marketing agency is a good choice if you need someone to plan out your entire marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing

Nowadays, the media are so popular.  Many options now exist for advertisers to reach a global audience using digital marketing channels like the website, mobile, and social media. With all of these options, many marketers find it useful and effective to use a new approach to marketing by leveraging the strengths of various types of media.

Digital Marketing supports all the Aspects of marketing. An aspect of marketing like Marketing Strategy, Marketing Research, Corporate Sales, Branding & Advertising, and Retail Marketing. It is very difficult to manage other marketing activities if you do not understand digital marketing.

It  is essential for understanding all other aspects of Marketing such as Marketing Strategy, Marketing Research, Corporate Sales, Branding & Advertising, and Retail Marketing. Sales and Marketing do follow where people spend the most time  and previously, advertising was only on Radio and Print, also TVs. But now when people  start to spend more time online or on their mobile phones, Many companies have started spending their advertising budget only on Digital Marketing activities. Also, all the big companies create huge teams that manage their company websites, mobile apps, social media and all other Digital Marketing activities. While small companies, Digital Marketing provides a better Return on Investment (ROI) instead of traditional marketing. This shows that digital marketing skills are mandatory for all Sales and Marketing students and professionals.

Social Media

Growth through social media marketing sometimes are unpredictable, so market research can offer insights into current and future trends which might have positive or an adverse effect on social media efforts.

Social media is with a wide variety of  activities and platforms to choose from. These  including wikis,  web forums, podcasts, and social community sites, video sites,  among which others—businesses  try to do more, which result in an unnecessary investment of time and money on efforts that ultimately do not help meet their marketing objectives.

Essential for Entrepreneurs

More than 90% of businesses funded by venture capital firms globally use Social Media Marketing or use Digital Marketing for customer acquisition. Any person aspiring to be an entrepreneur should definitely understand Digital Marketing – this will help entrepreneurs think through and implement innovative business models for their startups, and also help them acquire customers.

Thus, Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing are actually born of the same mother as far as lead generation, customer acquisition, and brand promotion is concerned.


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