Easy Ways To Boost Instagram Reach

If you’re an Instagram user, you know the importance of creating high-quality content and making your account as popular as possible. However, finding out how to do that accurately hasn’t always been easy.


That’s why we’ve put together a list of some easy ways to increase your reach on Instagram. So without further ado, let’s talk about what you need to know:


Upload High-Quality Pictures


Take pictures with the best quality possible; in order to make the most of these suggestions, don’t use filters or any other sort of editing tool unless it’s absolutely necessary.


Post To Your Account Daily


Although it’s easy to say that you should be posting on a daily basis, unfortunately, most people don’t. Instead of ignoring this rule, try and post at least four times a week; that way, your content will be seen by more of the right people. Spend time thinking about who you want to reach and make sure that you’re posting photos that will resonate with them.


Use Hashtags


Most people don’t know about this, but when using hashtags on Instagram, the social media giant is able to identify the way in which your followers relate to your picture. As such, it can help your content be discovered by more people.


Use A Geo-Filter On Your Pictures


Instagram allows you to use a number of filters, but one of the most useful is its geo filter (which is basically Instagram’s version of Google Maps). This means that when you take a picture of anywhere in the world (for example, Top Of The Shard), it will appear as if it was taken from Instagram HQ.


Use A Custom Caption


If you’re concerned about how people will react to the content you share on Instagram, then consider using a custom caption. This allows you to add your own personal commentary so that your followers get as much as they need from your photo/video.


Stay up to date with your account “likes” Your followers will be able to see right away if you’ve updated your bio, and if they want to start following you again, they’ll make a snap decision based on this. To keep up to date with all of the new features that Instagram has included in its photo-sharing app, update your profile frequently; make sure that it’s always looking neat and tidy.


Get Active On Instagram’s Instant Messaging


Instagram has a built-in instant messaging system which you can use to exchange messages with your followers, read their comments, reply to them and tell them what you’ve been doing lately. You can discover a lot of interesting things if you’re active in your conversations; if they like your content, they may want to “follow” you (or vice versa).


Hire A Social Media Agency


Although you may be an experienced social media user, if you don’t have the time to really focus on your account, then consider hiring a social media agency in London to help.


The above are some easy ways to boost your reach on Instagram; if you want to find out more about Instagram’s best practices and what the SEO agency London is doing to boost the reach, then contact us by clicking here.

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