Entrepreneur Encourages Final Year Students to Consider Alternative Routes to Success

The final year of university will be starting this month for thousands of students across the country, and one successful entrepreneur has some unique advice for the soon-to-be graduates across the UK. Vanessa Whitaker, Founder of Social Buzzing – a social media management service with offices in both London and Chester – is encouraging final-year students to consider alternative routes to success, stating that grad schemes and internships are not the only way to find work after education.


Ms Whitaker herself took a very different pathway to becoming successful, setting up Social Buzzing after finding the jobs market increasingly difficult to navigate. Striking out on her own, the University College London alumni now runs a thriving business in the world of digital marketing and social media – and the successful founder and director is encouraging other graduates not to close off their minds to starting up their own business.


Ms Whitaker says, “When it comes to planning for a post-uni career, many people find the only routes open to them are low-paid internships or graduate schemes that are extremely competitive and difficult to gain places on. I’m trying to encourage graduates to see a wider picture, and to ensure they don’t rule out starting their own business if they have an innovative idea and the drive to make it work.”


She adds, “When Social Buzzing was founded, the jobs market was tough and competitive – but I just wasn’t being offered positions to inspire or challenge me. Now I’m challenged and inspired every day, whether I’m working with clients in Chester or heading back to London to focus on new projects. Starting a business isn’t easy – it requires lots of work and plenty of determination, but with more help for would-be entrepreneurs than ever before, it’s definitely viable for graduates to consider this as a potential career path.”


Social Buzzing is a social media management and digital marketing service that helps businesses to build on their online presence and strategically create successful online marketing campaigns. From web design and blogging to the flagship social media management service, Social Buzzing offers a multitude of services that can benefit businesses large and small.


The social media service also offers graduates and students placements at the firm, helping them to broaden their horizons and gain valuable experience in the workplace. The placements help younger people gain a foothold in a competitive jobs market, as part of Ms Whitaker and the Social Buzzing team’s continuing commitment to helping students and graduates as they attempt to find their own route to success.


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