Facebook Launching New Video Creator App Later This Year

Making and adding video content to your Facebook page will become easier and more feature rich soon. Facebook is launching a new video creator app aimed at video creators that will enable them to add intros and outros as well as Snapchat-style frames to their live and recorded video content. This is Facebook’s way of increasing the stakes in its social media fight with video giant YouTube.

The new mobile app will be available later this year and will offer users a wide range of features. From producing and publishing live and on-demand video content, to keeping up with fans on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram, the Facebook app can help increase a small business’ customer engagement. Business owners can even track their video’s performance within the app itself.

Similar to Facebook’s Mentions app, the new, yet to be named, mobile app will be an upgrade for Mentions users and an extension of Facebook live. One of the main draws to the app will be the way it is broken down into three separate areas. You have video creation, fan engagement and video analytics, and the video creator app will open, Snapchat-style, to a camera screen when launched.

Users have a choice of either streaming live broadcasts through their Facebook page or recording on-demand video to upload later. Although this sounds very basic and these features are already possible through the Mentions app for celebrities and the standard app designed for the rest of us, Facebook promises many new features that will make this new app more useful than ever.

Video creators will be able to add intro and outro segments to their live broadcasts as well as offering a selection of custom stickers their viewers can use for broadcast interaction. Creators can then reply to their fans across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger making the new mobile video creator app very useful for social media marketers and small business owners alike.

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