Is Facebook Making It Hard for the Small Business Owner to Advertise?

As a small business owner in the UK, you may have heard that Facebook is making changes in the way they let small businesses advertise on their platform. This is partially true, yet much of the information is inaccurate. Yes, Facebook is changing the way users advertise on their platform, but it doesn’t mean that the small business owner is going to be left out.


Facebook advertising is already a highly effective and popular marketing solution for many businesses. It allows them to get new leads and convert them into loyal customers. Although Facebook is already full of advertising messages, it is not yet too late to jump on the social media advertising bandwagon. The advertising potential in Facebook is still enormous and companies like Social Buzzing are there to make it easy for small business owners to still be effective on the platform. In fact, there are many Social Buzzing positive reviews online from small business owners who have chosen us for our social media marketing services to help them grow their businesses online.


Here are reasons that Facebook advertising is still easy for small business owners:


It Is Affordable

Creating a Facebook advertising campaign is affordable and you can start it with a rather small budget. Many small businesses can’t afford spending a lot of money on advertising. However, they can get results by spending as little as £10. Depending on the placement of your ads, cost per click can be between £0.1 and £0.3. Hundreds of people can visit your website each day if they are attracted by your advertising messages.


You can use Audience Insight

There is tool from Facebook to learn about your target audience, before spending money on advertising. You will be able to refine your target market, based on characteristics that match your products and services. Audience Insight makes it easy for you to define your customers and you don’t have to take a shot in the dark.


You Can Create Unique Ad Sets

With Facebook, it is easy to establish ad sets for each group of audience. As an example, you can set up two separate ads and deliver each to a group of entirely different audiences. You will get better results this way, instead of using the same message for everyone.


You Can Use Landing Pages

Landing pages are effective when used for Facebook advertising. When people reach your landing pages, it will be much easier to convert them. If potential customers are brought to your website without clear direction, it will be a complete waste of your advertising budget.


To learn more about how Facebook can benefit your small business, contact Social Buzzing, social media agency Chester business owners depend on for helpful advice, effective social media management services and more.


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