Why should you film an underwater video for your marketing?

Making Creative, Interesting Marketing Videos

When you create your marketing videos, who do you think of? If you said that you create your videos with your customers in mind, you are doing it right. Now let’s take that one step further and put yourself in your customers’ position. Now make a video for yourself. This is how the successful corporations do it and they might be on to something.


Making a video that is fun and interesting is a good way to interact with your customers without actually being there. Take this underwater video for example; it’s fun, it’s unexpected and it interacts with the viewer while giving them some information about our services. Are you more likely to watch videos like this one? Your customers feel the same way!


Show Them Who You Are

When making films for your video marketing campaign, be sure you show some personality. Although there are always professional guidelines to follow, people will like you more if they can see who you are. This will also set you apart from competitors, so display a sense of humor while keeping it professional.


Be sure to match the title of the video to the actual video itself. If the video is high energy and dynamic, add a high energy title to go with it. If your video is more informational and offers a message, be sure that the title lets the viewer know that. A quality video title is important for both grabbing the viewer’s attention and using proper keywords to boost search engine rankings.


Sometimes to make a video work, you have to make it funny. Obviously, you cannot use potty or offensive humor for fear of wrecking your reputation or offending your viewer, but sticking to light, topical humor which fits your brand is the best way to enable your customers to have a personal relationship with you.

Make it Look Good

Do you see how well the underwater video is made? It is clear and the images are sharp. Ensure that the videos you produce are well lit and don’t look washed out. People will quit watching videos that are poorly lit so take the time to ensure the lighting and the video quality itself are very good.


By now, you should have a better understanding of what it takes to create a successful video marketing strategy. When you implement the advice given, you are sure to get the positive results you need from your marketing efforts. Just remember to plan carefully and execute thoroughly and your videos are sure to be a success!



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