Where to Find Shareable Content for Your Site

Finding shareable content for your blog, website or social media pages isn’t as difficult as it sounds and, with the help of the following list of tools, you will find that you can find quality content quickly and easily. Any successful writer or blogger will tell you that content curation is essential and is one of the most effective solutions to making engaging content that will draw in your target audience on a regular basis. Here are some tools for content curation and content posting for your social media sites that will make your job much easier and your target audience a lot happier:



Themeefy publishes and curates a tailored for you magazine that contains some of your favorite web content. You can add web links straight from the webpage, include content from Facebook and Twitter and even edit the contents by uploading images and adding new notes.



Flipboard is an application that delivers content into an engaging and well thought out magazine personalized just for you.

Feebly became popular after Google reader went away and it allows you to add content by way of topic, title or URL. This is especially useful for blog posts even though it doesn’t bring along any other content with it such as images.



This app turns you into a certified publisher through the curation of your Facebook, Twitter and other web content into an interactive digital newspaper and it works automatically, providing updates that are chosen and then published on a regular basis.



Many people think that Pinterest is only for sharing recipes, posting inspiring quotes or showcasing home decorating ideas when, in fact, it is a tool for visual content discovery. You can develop your own boards and select other boards to follow in order to get inspiration and ideas from other users that might have similar interests as your target audience.


Any of these tools are great addition to your social media marketing toolkit and they can provide some very valuable content that can help bring in a much larger audience than you ever thought possible. Give them a try and see what you think; you just might find a favorite, or favorites, that you will end up using on a regular basis.



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