Four Ways to Use Videos More Effectively in Social Media Marketing

Video content can be a highly effective tool in social media marketing. It is more convenient for people to watch a video than to read a text and videos can capture the attention of the audience, while allowing marketers to deliver highly engaging marketing messages in a more active way. So, it comes as to no surprise that more and more companies are producing promotional videos to lure in potential buyers. When creating and using videos in social media platforms, here are some things that social media marketers should do:


  1. Keep them short: When it comes to creating videos – length matters. Marketers often want to provide a lot of information, but people barely have time to watch a 20-minute or longer video. Social media users are known for their short attention spans. They scan through all the social media updates and stop only when finding something interesting. Once marketers are able to attract attention to their videos, it is important to include call to action elements, especially towards the end of the video.


  1. Upload to all social media platforms: Although YouTube also classifies as a social media platform where people can share their content and interact with other users, it would be better to upload videos to each available platform. This will optimize videos for better visibility and results and could lead to more comments and more positive reviews across all of the social media platforms.


  1. Embed logos and include links: Logos should be prominently shown in the video and links must be included in the description section as this will enhance brand awareness. The logo and tagline can be shown at the beginning of the video, then, a small transparent logo can be placed permanently at the top left corner of the video. Links on the description section should be directed to the webpage relevant to the video, instead of the main page of the company website.


  1. Optimize videos for internal search engines: Social media platforms have internal search features that allow users to locate the most relevant content. You can add tags and keywords that directly encapsulate the whole topic and it is a good idea to use catchy titles that will attract people to click. Descriptions of the video should have all the primary and secondary keywords.


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