The Future of Social Media for Business

Social media already serves as ground zero for increasing brand awareness and sales. It is both unavoidable and invaluable for any business. Businesses that are absent on social media are missing out on so many things that can help them succeed and grow in their market. Social media is a more intimate way of interacting with the audience, especially when compared to standard websites and blogs. What does the future hold for social media and how will it affect your business? Let’s take a look.

Here are some factors that will shape the future of social media for the UK business world:

A Deeper Focus on Relationship

Social media is about building relationships, but we can still go one step further by being deeper within our relationships. Social media will become an excellent broadcast platform for both individuals and businesses will be able to reach even more people than ever before. However, social media marketers should focus on deepening their relationships by creating personal posts for loyal customers.

Social Listening Tools

Social listening is a method to track conversation in social media that revolve around certain brands, words and phrases. This allows business owners to find new opportunities and create more relevant content for their target audience. Social listening helps to improve customer support, because you can pay attention to what consumers are saying. If your social media marketing is not growing well, then social listening can be used to seek out brand new opportunities. Trends can be discovered faster based on what customers are doing or discussing.

Instagram Stories

Instagram launched Stories as a response to Snapchat and it is currently accruing more and more users every day. Stories will become a big social media trend this year due to the sheer engagement. This is a big opportunity that businesses can use. Marketers should push for quick ephemeral videos with content that lasts only for a limited period of time before they disappear.

Face Filters

AI lenses or face filters gained mainstream recognition last year. They will have growing popularity this year. Advertisers can use customized face filters for a group of consumers over a specific period of time. However, price tags for customized face filter ads can be quite expensive for many small businesses.

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