Getting Lost In A Fantasy World With Bella And The Rat King

Bella was expecting a golden microphone from her singing-star Dad for her thirteenth birthday, but instead she gets a present she really doesn’t want. Even worse, her dad is dating a real-life witch who wants revenge on Bella’s family.

Bella is transported to a magical realm where she must first defeat a powerful and malevolent witch called the Dark Forest Queen to save her father. But before Bella can expose Ursula, the witch, in the real world, she’s blasted into a magical realm to fend for herself.

Alone and in an unfamiliar place, she turns to the one individual who she knows who can help. A magical creature with a past connection to her family. A doll she was given for her thirteenth birthday called the Rat King.

Along the way Bella will make friends and allies, and her fair share of enemies. From hedgehog princes, a Godfather Bear, Bear Bosses, Mr. Fox, Badger, Gecko sailors, and Tilman Regimental Toy soldiers, plus Lizzie and the Lizard Gang… And many more.

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Matteo Palacios is the author of this fantasy story. Edgy and dark enough in themes, dealing with grief, loss, adversity, but still accessible to children. Filled with illustrations.

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