Google+ Rolling Out New Collections Options

With Google’s social media platform gaining in popularity among the business crowds, Google has begun making some cosmetic changes to Google+ to make it more user friendly and much more attractive. Their recent release of Pinterest-like collections is just the next step in Google’s user experience overhaul.


Google’s Collections allow users to group similar posts into topic-based sections, which they can find in the new “collections” tab on Google+ profiles. Every collection will be a focused set of posts based on a particular topic. This makes it much easier for users to organize all of the things that interest them and find them quickly when they need them.


Similar to Pinterest, Google+ users can now follow the collections they like and have instant updates added to their home stream. Currently, the feature is only available to web users and Google+ Android app users but Google promises an iOS app version later.


If you are one of the lucky Google beta-users, you will have already been using this feature for quite some time as, in typical Google fashion, they like to do extensive testing before releasing any new changes. This makes the Collections feature even more useful as it already has a wide range of collections ready for us. Users can utilize the already in place collections as is, or get inspiration for their own collections. With the new Collections feature, you can begin searching through the many collections and find collections related to black and white photography, pets of all types, even sports related collections.


With this new update, we are seeing Google+ making the shift towards both photos and streams. Although this new change may seem worlds apart from what we have seen from Google in the past, this new direction shows their dedication to customer service and the platform’s photo sharing and messaging features.



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