Google+ Sends First Tweet, Find Out What It Said

Way back in July of 2011, Google created a Twitter account under the profile name @GooglePlus. That really isn’t new though is it, as many of us have Twitter accounts and we use them every day? Now that is where this story takes a turn and why we are talking about Google creating a Twitter account almost 4 years ago.


Just as you and I use out Twitter accounts on a regular basis to Tweet and Retweet the things that we like or are interested in sharing, Google hasn’t once used their Twitter account or even sent one lone Tweet. That is, until just this last week, on May 1st, when the corporation finally sent out its first Tweet ever:


“Hello Twitterverse! Can we get some love for our #firstTweet?”


We think it’s quite peculiar that Google has chosen now to send its first ever Tweet as the timing does coordinate with their June 2011 launch of the Google+ social media platform and the proposed switch to a more user friendly streaming and photo sharing platform.


This change was announced in March and it really wasn’t a surprise for anyone in the social media industry and Google+ never really gained the traction that Facebook and Twitter did. When compared to Facebook’s 1.44 billion-strong user base and Twitter’s 302 million users, Google+ has to make some changes if it is ever going to catch up.


Could that be why they sent the Tweet when they did? We believe that Google+ is sending a message that they are no longer a typical social media network but that we will be hearing a lot more from them in the coming months. Or, perhaps in typical Google Fashion, the Tweet is just a random message sent out to add something to their timeline. We will have to wait and see.



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