How to Deal with Unhappy Customers on Social Media

Anyone who is in business knows that you will have an unhappy customer from time to time. It doesn’t matter how hard you work or how good your customer service team is, there is going to be a customer who you just can’t satisfy. Usually, that customer contacts your customer support line and the problem is handled quickly by your team without anyone else knowing about it. That was before the days of social media and customers having the ability to voice their concerns in front of thousands of other followers. This could have a ripple effect and cause you to lose sales as that one disgruntled customer continues to post his negative feedback on your social media pages. What is the best way to deal with unhappy customers on social media?

Dealing with unhappy customers on social media has to be done very carefully. Whether they are in the right or if they are completely wrong, your job as a business owner is to remain neutral and ensure their needs are satisfied. Remember, an unhappy customer on social media is equivalent to one hundred more depending on how far their social media reach is.

The first step to dealing with an unhappy customer is to show that you care about their complaint and you want to find a solution that will make them happy. This will change the focus of other customers who are seeing the complaint to seeing how you deal with the complaint. This will make them feel more at ease when shopping with you as they will see that you truly want the customer to be satisfied.

Be sure to address the complaint immediately. Taking your time to contact the customer will only make them more upset and give them more time to post on your other social media pages. If the customer is unhappy with a defective product, offer them a new one. If they don’t like the product they purchased and don’t want a replacement, offer them their money back. If your business offers services, perhaps you could offer them a discount on their next purchase. Whatever you do, do it right away. This will show them that you are committed to their satisfaction and you care about their needs.

Dealing with an unhappy customer on social media isn’t difficult, it just takes patience and an apology. Doing this will ensure that your customers are happy and that your business is successful.

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