How to Effectively Grow Your Instagram Following

For many businesses, Instagram has been the social media platform of choice to garner the most engagement, despite the fact it actually has fewer followers than Facebook. On Instagram, these companies have more audience liking pictures, posting comments, tagging and even posting pictures of themselves patronizing their favorite brands.


If you also want to achieve this kind of success and grow your Instagram following, here are effective tips that you can pick up:


Sending Products to Influencers

Indentify what accounts your target market follows and check if they will do a promoted post for you. Most preferably, make sure that they will agree to posting in exchange for free products, but there are also instances where they would impose additional fees for posting. If your website allows promo codes, you can also check if the influencer would agree to a custom promo code, where you have to pay for every use. When one of the influencer’s followers makes a purchase, it will be a win-win situation for all of you.


Liking Photos in Your Niche

Many of those who have managed to grow their following to a remarkable size say that they have spent many hours liking other people’s images every day. So, it would be good for you to go several photos on someone’s account and give them a follow, which will also help with getting your name out there and allowing other people to discover you. Make sure you do this mainly to users in your niche, which you can determine by checking hashtags or viewing your favourite Instagrammers’ followers.


Posting Comment

While liking pictures is very helpful, posting some comments will also give your name and handle more exposure. Social media is not called as such for nothing, so leave comments of your own on other people’s work and respond to those that you receive. In addition to giving out likes, try to leave genuine comments to encourage users to post more photos.


Putting Your Handle on Your Marketing and Packaging Materials

The chances that other people would think about you having an Instagram account and search for you is slim, unless you expose your handle for your target audience to see. Make sure that your handle is highly visible on your marketing and packaging materials.


Tagging Friends

Another effective technique is hosting an Instagram giveaway that will require followers to tag their friends in the comments, thus bringing you new followers who have not heard of you yet.


Approaching Popular Users for Collaboration

If possible, ask other Instagram users if it is okay for you to take over their accounts for a day as guest contributor. You can also initiate a fun and creative Instagram challenge with daily prompts to collaborate with other users.


Giving People Good Reasons to Follow You

A good example of this approach is stating that your organisation is aiming for a charitable purpose, where your customers would see their purchases at work. Incentivize them with your content, instead of just asking them to follow you.


By considering these tips, you will be able to enjoy a huge number of followers that will be very helpful to your marketing campaigns and your business as a whole.


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