How to Get More Social Media Mentions for Your Company

If your small business isn’t being talked about on social media as much as you would like, maybe it’s your communication that’s holding you back. Many new social media users are still in “personal mode” and what I mean by that is that they don’t know what to post, when to post it or even who to post it to. When you post to your personal accounts, you live by your own rules and post whenever the need arise. In business, this could become a costly mistake as it will waste all of your social media resources and garner no results.


Let’s take a look at the When, Who, Where and How to communicate better to your social media audience.


When to communicate.

Knowing when to communicate on social media is important. Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any of the other available social media networking sites, there is a pecking order to the days that you post and they should be taken into consideration if you want more social media mentions.


This order begins with Thursday, followed closely by Tuesday, then Wednesday, Saturday and finally Sunday. Post on these days and you will begin noticing your company’s name mentioned more frequently across the social media networks.


Who to communicate with.

Do you know who to communicate with to get more social media mentions? Everyone! You never know who will retweet, pin or post your message to their network of friends, so post and respond to everyone in your network.


Where to communicate.

Each social media platform has its own strengths and weaknesses, but it seems that Twitter dominates the business communication world. Consumers want fast information that they don’t have to work for and that is exactly what Twitter gives them.


How to communicate.

While most company mentions in the social media realm happen in English, don’t discount any non-English mentions that you receive. If you, or a member of your team speak another language fluently, be sure to post to that particular audience as well. The phrase, “Leave no stone unturned” works in this situation.


Remember, social media is difficult to master and very few have done that. If you have tried the above tips and are still struggling to achieve the social media results you have been looking for, maybe it’s time to contact Social Buzzing and let our team of social media management professionals assist you and deliver the results you want today.



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