How To Integrate Social Media With Email Marketing

For small businesses, social media is crucial to widen their marketing reach and attract new customers. Although email is an older online platform and less interactive compared to social media, it still offers major advantages for today’s business owners, especially when combined with social media. By merging both platforms, business owners can improve their performance without investing a large sum of money.


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Ways To Integrate Social Media With Email Marketing


Be Consistent- before merging your social media and email marketing strategies, they must be consistent. Sync marketing language on both platforms and customers will know that they are dealing with the same marketing team. If your approach in social media is fun and engaging, you need to do the same with email marketing.


Add Snippets Of Social Media Content In Email- if customers in the email list are not yet subscribers or followers of your social media accounts, this strategy can compel them to do so. It’s an easy and free method to gradually increase social media engagement. People will feel more engaged, because they are connected to both your social media and email presence.


Use Social Media To Grow Email List- after inviting email users to your social media accounts, you need to implement an opposite approach. Encourage social media users to subscribe to your email list. You may offer special content not available in any social media platform. Free e-books or other relevant files can be attached with email messages. It is easy to post an email list to any social media platform, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Email messages are more convenient and appropriate for delivering more comprehensive information, so they will attract many social media users.


Run Fun Contests- this strategy is remarkably effective when merging social media and email users. When running contests, clues can be given alternately in social media accounts and email. Many people use social media and email apps on their smartphone. They will get notifications when the digital marketing team sends new social media posts and emails. Set up powerful calls to action and offer attractive prizes to encourage people to participate. As an example, require them to subscribe to your both social media account and email list to join the contest.


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